Anarchy and the Sea. I choose to look at them separately, notwithstanding the ‘and’ that vainly tries to establish a connect. Amitabh Mitra the icon of lawlessness was destined to do this book proud.

Words thrown up in the air, landing all which ways, creating their own juxtapositions, and acceptable or not, makes a feeble grasp at understanding. A long period of reflection, meditation, the spark of knowing and the thunderous sea breaks into a gallop drawing all memory close to.

As ever, Amitabh has scoffed at the comfortable cushioning impact of punctuation and grammar. The text and their import bounce in uncontrollable anarchic bursts, punctuating the air with vials of wisdom. A single axon could therefore carry on a meaningful conversation with the pounding thunder of an incoming tide, when the maddening rivers rise to meet the light of a single star brightly illuminating a meditative thought.

In total disregard of conventional writing forms his feelings and emotions are hurtled onto the pages to be plucked at random, thought about, and ruminated over. No, no, no, you do not arrive at any eureka moment. It however serves the express purpose of calming the mind; the fevered brow relaxes and gears up to face the anarchies of another day.

Every tidbit, every hint of vocalized emotion is so rife with feeling, it takes one’s breath away. The raw unhoned meanings scramble in turmoil slip down unbounded surf ridden oceanic waves of tortured existence, and quietly flow into a placid sea of self realization.

One must not miss the black and white of the paintings. I have seen most of them in bright colors and shining streaks. Here however, in the presence of pulsating WORDS that color would surely be overkill, and seem like platonic harlotry, discounting the power of an indefinite life with words rushing dreams to resuscitate.

Review of Anarchy and the Sea written by Amitabh Mitra