There are books that educate us, add to our knowledge-bank and there are books that send us in a meditative state.

Dr Amitabh Mitra’s Anarchy and the Sea falls in the latter category. It is like an amalgamation of poems and paintings that we see in this book and not just a mere compilation. Each page has a line or few words along with the painting of the sea by the poet himself.

Sea is most always has an humbling effect on us. Its vastness quite invade our senses leaving us awed and speechless often. The one-liners that are meant as reflections of the poet’s mind seem a natural response to this expanse the mind is exposed to. It is as if more words would take away from the charm of the sea that never tire us out with its ever-changing beauty.

What strikes me as a reader is the usage of various fonts of alphabets for the lines. Adding to the impact of the thoughts conveyed, the fonts become characters with their shapes.

I open a page where there are just two words “And You”. The words are written in a way that make us feel that the arms of the alphabet “A” wishes to touch those of “Y”. It gives a whole new perspective to the words.

The concepts of time, mind, space is pondered upon by the poet, new dimensions with them are hinted at where to quote him space is solace and time is a measure.

The book has that calming effect of the sea itself . Watching  the pictures while ruminating upon the lines make the reading a unique experience. The reading lingers as a feeling after one closes it.