There is a closeness bequeathed to summer
A shadow astride
Your lips
And I have held ever since
A voice warrior stealth under a satin skin.

Streets lifted untouched in a grip
A rage rampant in a chameleon prison
Words written on a papyrus wind
Of a mouth
Assaulted by untoward rapture
And secrets unbridled
Galloping the dark.

Please don’t go now
Touch me again
A season deep in a sudden rain
Tell me of goddesses that broke
Their silence
Fortresses untamed
Against our love
Cities resonant of a long drawn truce
And you and me
Deep in a hushed echo as we have always known
Ever since.

Cling to me today
And I will show you houses
Those have grown on mountains
Forests that have burnt horizons
Peacocks that over flew history
And on a stranger time
Like this
Far beyond
Our breath still touches
The faint bell toll in the temple
By your palace home.

Your breasts hold
A Hurt
Eyes that ride
A tangled trail
And gurgling pigeons
In an afternoon of disarray

by Dr. Amitabh Mitra,
November 13, 2005