The theme of godfather is playing somewhere
and my mind once again tries to open a long shuttered window
on pall bearer of shadows
and sadness of a sun
dimmed by an incongruous

Its here in a Gwalior palace
moments entwined with moss
and lichen kept their eyelids open
for a stray summer ray or a fragrance
unforgotten from a wisp of your night breast
on that night

Its here in a Gwalior palace
beasts of wind beat the stonewalls
in frantic passions
trying since long
to unveil your hair
and a tangled evening heavy with another days feeling

Its here in a Gwalior palace
I had once held your hand
and asked you of dawn and destiny
of the heart
caught in silk
of bare-thread talk

Since then I have changed my name so many times
I have treaded many an evenings at different times
I have forgotten the dusk many a times
I have recalled a night so many times and
I have slept in your smile many a times.

 – Dr. Amitabh Mitra
February 29, 2004