How much do you miss me…
the roads that I have shown you, would never
take you to the lamp-post
whose flickering lights had searched
with me
in vain
the destination
and desires
of a runaway night.

And then again
the summers
would heave into
children would be playing outside a game of
impatient cloud
searching for the hidden rain…

And you standing by the window
would only know of the great fortress
that had tied him for that day
that had merged within the secrets
of your eye
of your lips closing in on mine
and your breasts
in my clasp
tireless after
another day
another rain.

How much would you miss me then
if I am still there with you
as always
far from the shadows
of my palace
and a guilt-laden sun
knowing you would be
then unknowing you…
of a tongue
that touched many
a mysteries
on my neck,
of yet another day
another rain… 

– Dr. Amitabh Mitra 
June 26, 2005