Foreword to the site by Philip G Bell, FSEE, UK Poet and Founder of The Young Poet Society.

On a personal level, it would perhaps be enough to say that I feel honoured to know Amitabh as a friend, having shared experiences of our respective lives and families we have a powerful mutual respect. However, it is true to say that but for our shared love of poetry we may never have met, let alone become such good friends.

I was trying hard to remember the first poem of his that I read. Was it “Somewhere” or perhaps “It has been such a long time…” but it really doesn’t matter the order; what I quickly realised was that here was a poet blessed with a very special way with words. I was drawn in like a fisherman with his nets, Amitabh had ensnared me. I had to know more of this wordsmith.

Is it not strange that we do not usually associate our working careers with the literary world of poetry?  I am an Environmental Engineer and Amitabh is a Medical Doctor. Who would ever think?

Certainly, any investigation into this Poet’s literary career, will lead you to Gwalior. His acclaimed “A Slow Train to Gwalior” made me realise where his heart resides. It influences so much of his work even when the subject is so far away.

I have not been fortunate enough to visit India, and hence this is a far off place for me. Yet this remarkable man has provided me with a very special personal guided tour through his poetry. Do spend some time reading his poetry, the rewards will be self evident.