And you?
Is the African sun shining?
Yes it has been shining
Burning all of us underneath it
It always reminded us of our skin
That had burned black
Our lips that had swollen
And eyes that have receded back
Hiding from the sun
Only the heart remained untouched
There were people who always wanted the heart
The African heart remained bruised
From deception and treachery
Even the white man
Opened the heart to find anything
Transplanted it to a white man
Only then that the African heart stopped
And u my love
Ask me how I am
Am I still alive?
Am I really dead?
My mother in the next room
Screams with pain
Calls for her departed brother
Her hurts are trapping the elusive heart
Elsewhere children and mothers go mad at
Run towards the sun to escape
The flashing swords
Yes my love
I am still alive
The African sun beats me again and again
Asking me
What have I done for you?
What have I done for our people?
Before my heart is trapped too into
Heart and hurts become one
Something stops
Something lingers for ever.
The African sun beats on.