A Slow Train to Gwalior

cdcoverGwalior! Gwalior! Gwalior!

How could this small town boy from Central India, having traveled the world treating trauma and disease, settled in South Africa, still write after such a long time about his home town Gwalior?

Image shown: Front cover of CD Slow Train to Gwalior

I am obsessed with Gwalior, from the setting of the small princely fiefdom to a bustling dusty town of today, enriched with culture and heritage, my father, a former senior defense scientist who incorporated this love for Gwalior in me and my princely friends from the maratha families of Angre, Shitole, Mohite and Bhonsle with whom I grew up, all made me one with Gwalior.

jyotiImage shown: Dr Amitabh Mitra with His Highness Jyotiraditya Scindia of Gwalior at the launch of 'A Slow Train to Gwalior'

Gwalior still lives.

The fort lives on and on.

Somewhere in the twilight streets, my friends wait for me for a game of cricket.

And I have suddenly just grown older with the fort.

The CD has a booklet with photographs and poems recited by Amitabh Mitra
The pricing of the CD is R 65 excluding postage. To order, please contact Amitabh Mitra

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