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a hudson viewWelcome to A Hudson View, where poets from around the world gather to share their creative expression.  Each edition features the poetry of International Poet Express writers. Our pages are filled with poems and art from poets and artists from around the world.  A Hudson View Poetry Digest is published in print 4 times a year.

A Hudson View is published by Skyline Publications, NY, USA.
Publisher: Victoria Valentine   
Editor:  Amitabh Mitra 

A Hudson View Poet Digest is printed by
The Poet's Printery
P.O. Box 12560
Amalinda 5252
South Africa


a hudson view digestThe Digest is published four times a year. You can order single copies at R55 each, or R200 for one year subscription of four copies. Postage may be extra, dependiing on location, so please contact us for exact details - click here to email us.


Over the past 5 years, Skyline Literary Community, by Skyline Publications, has earned its reputation of quality and excellence through our hard work and dedication of 'Bringing the World together Thru the Arts'.  We seek original, previously unpublished literature of highest standards.  Please read our current and past issues before you submit, to see the material we accept for publication. 

Our publication is open to new and established writers. We provide a well traveled pathway upon which authors and artists may display their work to thousands of readers on the Internet and in print digests.  Skyline has been a stepping stone for many talented writers and artists who shared their talents with us, gained experience and confidence, and moved on, achieving their creative goals. We celebrate the success and excitement of our writer and artist accomplishments. 

We will respond to all submissions at our earliest convenience.